The Donner Party is a synth heavy, swampy, dark update built on the ashes of the New Wave sound of the late 70s and early 80s with heavy grooves that brings one back to the Physical Graffiti Era of the legendary band Led Zeppelin.


Genre: new new wave


Dillon Campbell- vocals, guitar

Sasha Smith- keys, synth

Richard Bradley- live drums, sample pad


Valium:  This track can be found on the chloroform ep, due out later.  It is performed frequently at live shows, as well, all over the city of angels. 


Produced by Jim Kaufman 

Mixed by Rick Carson 


Mind:  Here we have a cover of Talking Heads' "Mind" from the 1979 album Fear of Music.  It can be found in our live shows.



Produced by Jim Kaufman 

Mixed by Rick Carson 


©2016 by Dillon Campbell - The Donner Party.

T h e   d o n n e r   p a r t y

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